Kiki Knives Presents Movie Review: Knives Out!!!

Written a week ago:

Movie Review: Just returned from seeing “Knives Out” starring Daniel Craig and an all-star cast. Let me start by saying I really liked the film. Kind of like an old Agatha Christie novel/film and reminded me of the film “Sleuth” with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. The film was engaging and really fun! It also improved as the filmed moved along (I have to say it’s hard coming off a half hour of coming attractions into a slow moving film). I also think, from a personal basis, this was the best film and performance I’ve seen Daniel Craig in…bravo Daniel. I saw him in Munich and I didn’t think he looked Israeli at all but still a good film and he was ok. I still catch crap from some people for walking out on Cowboys and Aliens which conceptually sounded good and I tried to watch it again, also with great difficulty. BTW it is considered better manners to fall asleep during a performance and snore than to walk out on it, at least in my case (another admonishment). Here was the big one…I didn’t think Daniel was suited to play James Bond which led to some interesting conclusions. All the other bonds were really British looking and Daniel came out of nowhere to play him. He was kind of stiff in the role like a macho Vladimir Putin. He was really good in Knives Out with his southern drawl. I ran into Daniel a couple years ago when I was doing a variety show in Los Angeles, he happened to be in the audience as I was discussing head injuries in actors. I brought him up and was greeted by the audience with “Oh Oh!!” Apparently he wasn’t that happy with me. I had my notes on his injuries though. I surmised based on his injuries/scars that he was ejected through the windshield of a motor vehicle traveling at high speed. He was surprised that I knew all the details about it. He also told me that if he wanted to he could send me to my next incarnation. Rather than say, “Take a number,” I wholeheartedly agreed with him as he was already unhappy with me. We then had the most interesting conversation I’ve ever had with anyone bar none!!!…he is really fascinating! I agreed to help him out with a couple issues which worked out terrific and we’re on really good terms (though I do say it was touch and go there for a while and he’s grown on me as Bond and the new film is coming out and the trailer looks awesome). There are some other great actors and aspects of the film but go check it out yourselves. I give it a 5/5!!!!! (It’s actually 4/5 but I don’t want to piss Daniel off again and lets face it, it’s not exactly Gone With The Wind.) Later gators.