Kiki Kookaburra Presents: Ed’s Follow-up on Ricky Gervais aka Mark Valencia

Follow up on Ricky Gervais: So I outed Ricky Gervais as Mark Valencia from Self Sustainable Me, handsome guy! I had used his son as confirmation as he’s in a great video about how to get tomatoes to give fruit, tickling the flowers with an electric toothbrush. He’s also in the show Afterlife. His son is Ethan Lawrence. Ethan’s a very funny kid but like most actors he got temperamental because I didn’t post a picture of him or his name anywhere, so here he is.

Ethan Lawrence is Ricky Gervais’ son and makes an appearance in, “Self Sustainable Me”

The problem is my computer gets shut down by my “handler” when ever he wants, pia. I also didn’t have a good shot of Mark Valencia’s wife to confirm against the gal who I thought was Ricky Gervais’ wife Kerry Godliman. So Mark aka Ricky was kind enough to post a proper video with his wife in it three days ago so I could do an accurate comparison and I received notification on my phone that this video was just released and it turned out I was correct.

The women look alike and there is identical scarring on the right side of the face near the mouth. Not a great picture of Mark’s wife but good enough under magnification.

From what I could glean after I outed Mark/Ricky as one and the same and praised his work at Self Sustainable Me, (and it is great) Mark/Ricky was offered a very fine sum for his 300+ videos…which he turned down and he meant it! They made another offer which is 2 and 1/2 times that original large sum and Mark/Ricky is mulling it over. Nicely done bloke!

Just another plug for Ricky Gervais/Mark Valencia for his work at Self Sustainable Me: His work is terrific! He’s informative and entertaining. He is the Jacque Cousteau of backyard gardening, and that is high praise! I watched a video a couple days ago where he hears a Cookaburra essentially screaming and surmises that there was a problem. He goes to investigate and there’s a “Goowanna” (an iguana) terrorizing the birds nests. Completely captivating!!! Congrats to all especially us who get to watch these videos. FYI, Afterlife is a great show and at times…piss in your pants funny!! Later gators.

Hi to all my friends and family!!! Love you, miss you, mean it!!!