Kiki Kookaburra Presents: Tom Hanks!!!

So I’ve always enjoyed Tom Hanks film and I’ve seen some repeatedly especially Forest Gump which I’ve seen a dozen times or more.

Tom Hanks as Forest Gump

I’ve loved his work but I’ve found him a bit of a one trick pony….Hanks in and Hanks out. I’ve also wondered if he is any other actors. Now this presentation is a bit raw because it’s hard to find quality photos of Hanks naked as well as others but I’ve got enough to throw out my first probable person who is also Hanks. FYI…I now consider him a genius.

I’m watching “How to Get Away With Murder” and found a character who reminded me of Hanks and only got more Hanks like as the series progressed. His name…
Timothy Hutton

I’m going out on a small limb and say that Hutton and Hanks are the same person.

I’ve got a couple other possibilities for Hanks, one is …

Dennis Quaid with Laura Savoy

Another possibility is…

Alan Thicke

What’s nice is I’m hitting on some people I wouldn’t normally have catagorized.

I’ll try and confirm these and come up with others.

Tom Hanks…Not!!! a one trick pony!!!

Addendum 10/23/19

Let’s add Justin Bateman as a possible Hanks replicant, I’ll have to work on that one.