Kiki Korona Presents: Mark Valencia and Ricky Gervais

This is Mark Valencia from a website called “Self Sufficient Me”. He has, I believe over 250 videos on gardening, specializing in raised bed gardening. His videos are very well done and he’s very interesting. I’ve watched over 20 of them. He also turns out to be Ricky Gervais from “Afterlife” and at least one other show. He hosts an award show and is very funny. I hate to out him but you know how it is. I strongly suspect Mark was Ricky Gervais watching the first video and became increasingly convince as I watched more. I was at 96% assuredness which while good enough for me is still not good enough, so I went looking for the usual suspects: scars, family and friends. Mark has lots of serious scarring on his right arm, finding the scarring on Ricky proved more difficult, so I kept an eye out for family members. A woman showed up in one episode and I suspected that the wife on Afterlife was Ricky’s actual wife, she shows up in another series of his. The problem was the video was older than the show and without more careful analysis I couldn’t readily tell it was Mark’s wife, ie Mrs. Ricky Gervais. However, Mark’s son show’s up in another video and he was easily recognizable as a character on Afterlife, as was another character, that nailed it down, I’ll check for scars another time. The videos are great, he has a natural performance and I enjoy them as much as the show Afterlife, ergo…Mark Valencia=Ricky Gervais.