Kiki Kross Presents: Review of “Evil” on Netflix!

I started watching Evil on Netflix a few days ago. It’s 13 episodes and it’s very good! I have 30 minutes left of the final episode which I’ll consume later Clarisse.

The show according to Wikipedia:

Evil is an American supernatural drama television series created by Robert Kingand Michelle King that premiered on September 26, 2019, on CBS. The series is produced by CBS Studios and King Size Productions. The series features an ensemble cast including Katja HerbersMike ColterMichael EmersonAasif MandviKurt Fuller, Marti Matulis, Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, Dalya Knapp and Christine Lahti. In October 2019, CBS renewed the series for a second season.

I am enjoying the show…Katja Herbers is terrific but I can’t imagine her not being Dolly Wells from Dracula 2020 as Sister Van Helsing in which she was also terrific until the script ran out of cogency…sadly. Equally terrific in this but I like her real teeth in Dracula which are as cute as bug’s ears if I’ve got the right gal.

Mike Colter is great on the show doing another solid series after Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. I loved both series and Krysten Ritter was terrific as Jessica Jones. JJ was one of the few ladies who could handle Cage; got to admit the guy does pretty well for himself…even as a priest!!!! Go get em!!! I had a nice interlude with Krysten at the Laurita Winery. She didn’t think we’d hit it off because her mom had drugged me and then had me pose for embarrasing nude photos but I didn’t have any issues with Krysten and she was wonderful and we connected beautifully. I apologize for not going up to you at the concert that we were both at but I was on a separate mission and the object of the mission…

Assif Mandvi is the tech guy on the show and I’ve seen him in a number of things including A Series of Unfortunate Events as Montgomery “Uncle Monty” Montgomery. I enjoyed the series enormously, really fun!

Michael Emerson has to be the stand-out on the show. The four kids are great especially together, the mother is terrific, but Emerson is insanely good as the world’s most evil forensic psychologist…Dr. Leland Townsend! He’s been in a number of things: I remember him best on Lost as Benjamin Linus and some other guy (two roles). The guy’s a show stealer…always playing a world class creep!!! How does he do it? He’s only flesh and blood like the rest of us…or maybe he’s not!!!

I give the show a solid 8/10. I might have watched it on CBS however as some people may or may not know…I stopped watching TV after Seinfeld went off the air…and I’ve never gone back!

Have a great day everyone!!! Love you Kiki!!!