Kiki Kunningham (that was bound to happen) Presents: Peter Max!!!!

OK so I was pondering a few days ago…who is Peter Max and while I have not found the smoking gun I think I have enough to put me over 90% without sure proof. I was fortunate enough to catch “British Invasion Years” friday night in Cape May NJ and Peter Max art abounded!!! I had already suspect we were looking at the work of Ron Howard but I decided to take a look at Peter Max and see what he looked like. Looking at Kliban was no help since Kliban is the work of both Ron and Cheryl in my estimation. Ok so here’s Peter Max…

I saw a copy of this in one of the antique stores in Cape May, sort of wish I’d bought it, the Baby Boutique and the best tea store in Cape May was there.
Ok, so I’m thinking we hit pay dirt here since he looks quite a bit like George Harrison who we know is Ron Howard. Let’s get a picture of George up…
Ok…this is way too close, I know this is George Harrison but I had to check if I in fact had Peter Max on Life magazine above, so let’s put up another photo.
Yep that’s Peter Max, looks like we have a match. Now when confirming a theory such as Peter Max is Ron Howard it’s actually easier than just randomly looking for matches. Now as an augmenting factor, Ron Howard’s nickname among several is “Max!” So here we see that Max is Max.

Peter Max now aka Ron Howard focused a lot on the Beatles which was good since Ron Howard was in the Beatles as George Harrison.

Peter Max aka Ron Howard illustrated Yellow Submarine
I believe this is the poster from the film Yellow Submarine
This is what Peter Max looks like now. I don’t know if this is Ron. Sometimes a character is played by one person then taken over by someone else for example…Jon Voight. I’m a big fan of Voight. Ron was Jon Voight in Cruising but the guy playing Jon Voight in the show “Ray Donovan” is not Ron Howard but he is a terrific actor, really super!! Or Joe Namath, Ron Howard started playing Joe Namath after the actual Joe Namath’s football career ended. Ron is 6 inches shorter at least than the actual football player Joe Namath but if it’s any consolation, Ron was Mike Schmidt of the Phillies and was a world class baseball player.

Kiki and Ed Out

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