Kiki Kween of the Knight Presents: Carrie Underwood!!!!!

Cry Pretty…
So I took some time to take the little lady to see the little lady…Carrie Underwood at the Wells Fargo Center!!!! They seemed to get along fine. It was a real treat seeing Carrie again. I continuously marvel at how she fills the venue at Wells Fargo with that amazing voice of hers and what a great show. I know her entire music catalogue so the concert was pure pleasure as I did my best to harmonize with her, as did the other thousands of people there. She did most of her major hits including Blown Away, a personal favorite and a great video about a gal abused by her alcoholic father who leaves him drunk and unconscious on the couch of their farmhouse during a major storm while she goes into the cellar, “Some call it taking shelter, I call it sweet revenge.” 

She saved the big tunes off her album Cry Pretty for her finale. I appreciated she spent a few moments with me during that song and a couple of others. Kiki would be so proud of, good enough to be mom!!! One of the big tunes was the title song of the album (my personal favorite) the other was Love Wins, also my personal favorite. Make up was a key element of the song Cry Pretty and I wondered how they were going to handle it since she has mascara bleeding all over her eyes and face on the cover of the album the notion being that you can’t cry pretty…well she can! They put her up on the screens in a make up room while she applied smear mascara and glitter…brilliant!!! She also did a conglomeration of some other artists which was super, including Stand By Your Man, Nine to Five, and Walking After Midnight. You would almost swear Dolly and Patsy were her mother and grandmother!!! 

Her opening acts were “Runaway June” and “Maddie and Tae.” Both bands were super and joined Carrie on stage later in the show. Now off the record and I’d appreciate if no one repeats this. At one of her last concerts I spotted a gal in the band who had a violin solo and is a personal stalker of mine and that was Lady Gaga!!! I suspected she might be touring with Carrie again since I haven’t seen her in a while and I was correct!!! Those two are as thick as thieves, they pass for sisters. I spotted her Ladyness almost immediately up on one of the screens as Maddie,of Maddie and Tae!!! She was terrific but she was not the headliner so she couldn’t really let loose because she would be as capable or almost as capable as Underwood in filling that stadium with her voice. But she was terrific and hope to see her again soon stalking me; as a matter of fact could bring Carrie with you on one of your outings? She comes and goes so quickly. 

If you can spare a few bucks go see Carrie Underwood. If you can’t afford good seats bring binoculars of she up on six jumbo screens. A great time was had by all!!!

If I left anyone or anything out forgive me. Max told me to put my stupid game away right before she came out. That was some winning advice!!!

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