Kiki Presents: Ed’s review of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches!!!

This was actually a pretty good film, probably best for kids but very watchable as an adult. Though I did find it difficult that they bad mouthed witches so badly in the film. Witchcraft is the world’s fasting growing religion, this film perpetuates the negativity surrounding witches and witchcraft. Frankly it’s not better than what went on in Salem during the witch trials. Also, not all witches are ugly…I’ve met some really hot and beautiful ones though each one was dangerous in their own special way but doesn’t that apply to all women? (for the sake of this post we’ll assume that the male witches are called warlocks but that’s a whole different issue). Anne Hathaway does an over the top acting job here, she continues to be amazing and Chris Rock is always a lot of fun. Frankly though I saw Anne one evening do someone in and then consume him. I turned down her invitation to join her festivities so in a way this role really wasn’t much of a stretch for her…except the Russian accent but I’ll bet dollars to donuts she speaks fluent Russian. I give the film 9/10, it would have gotten a 10/10 if not for the anti-witchcraft message, though frankly the witches were trying to turn all children in the world into mouses so I guess that’s ok then. Enjoy!

Let’s get real here, was Roald Dahl’s real name Ronald Dahl? I would imagine so. Probably like those Coen brothers. We know what their real surname is!

Stanley Tucci!!!! There you all happy now?

OK…Stanley Tucci was amazing, did some kind of southern drawl. It took a couple seconds to realize it was him but he was spot on with the role.

I’ve seen a number of Stanley Tucci films, he is an impeccable actor. I loved him as Ghandi, in Shutter Island and Schindler’s list…just to prove I’m a fan. Everyone would have forgiven me about leaving Tucci out if I left Chris Rock out and just left Anne in.

Haha…just kidding!!! I love how you all went cold!!! I’ll have you know I’m probably one of the few people who saw The Big Night. Bunch of Italian people in a restaurant waiting for Louis Prima to come by to partake of a giant meat and pasta dish. One of the guys kissed the darn thing which in other Italian films usually means they’re going to rub you out but they made a second one so…alll was good. Later gators!!