Kiki Presents…Ed’s trip to Omega

This is my post from Facebook, after my signature comes the back story.

Back from my trip to The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. I had a really good time and people were very nice, all around. I swam, walked, ate and communed with nice people and nature. I had a footloose massage, focus on feet and calves after all my walking and the gal was terrific, very polite and friendly as were the staff! Also, I was sent something in email to give feedback on the process which I really appreciated since the time before last I had a few complaints which it looks like they worked on. I felt warm and welcomed by pretty much everyone, lots of smiles, nice people. Theres an online catalogue of courses there and you should check it out. I did R and R, I could barely get on a schedule for my massage so a whole course was out of the question. Beautiful people and a great time. I left early so missed a massage but I was glad to get home and put some closure on things. Worth a look. E

I did have a wonderful time but I left early because I was lonely and bored, my fault no one else’s. Resolved some issues from previous trips and that was important. I was in the middle of two groups and there were a lot more men, real men, guys who looked like they could be in any industry and women who worked there had taken on more job roles held by men like driving the golf carts and shlepping luggage. There seemed to be less men are second class citizens sentiment all around which was a pleasure. Men visiting were accepted and embraced and valued. It could have been the groups that came in, and maybe other weeks will be different but the male guests were valued greatly.

I was stalked less than before. The women were as usual impossible to spot. In four visits I’ve never spotted one. Possibly two or three solo pilots more easily spotted because of their seasoned, hardened worn-down attitudes like, “I have to do this?!” Two guys though I put at about 99% probable agency of some sort. Nice enough but dressed in black and looked like mercenaries. One scheduled a massage while I was there and I spoke with him for a minute, they really looked out of place and this guy looked like he could break my arm in split second!!! Poor little old me!!! I told him that he and his buddy were really pretty big for this place. He said they were going to play basketball later which wasn’t what I meant. Then he went to the water cooler, had a sip and thought that I didn’t look like much and didn’t seem as bad as they made me out to be. You have to give them credit for trying. The other guy before he left kissed his two fingers and placed them on the heart of the really big guy in a show of New Age affection. It didn’t work for me but it was cute and they were trying!

Loved the footloose massage but the masseuse caught me listening to her thoughts at one point and said, “…and I think he’s listening to my thoughts.” I won’t tell you what she was thinking but it was worth the price of admission.

The restaurant reopened outside of Omega called the Golden Russet and made sure to be there for the Grand Opening. It was a soft opening, just for breakfast and after I paid my check I gave them an extra dollar to hang on the wall board for good luck. I wrote Ed on it and I’ll post some pictures later.

They’ll have wine and beer and someone came in while I was there to question whether they were selling it yet. Lets wish them luck because frankly this place is the only store in walking distance of the place.

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