Kiki Presents: Ed’s Update Post: Ron Howard’s “Pavarotti”

I update the Pavarotti heading to say:

Kiki Presents: Ed’s Film Review: Ron Howard’s “Pavarotti”

I just thought it was hysterically funny giving Luciano Pavarotti fourth billing on the post heading despite the film being about him!

…and anyway the guy is dead, what’s he gonna do come back from the grave to bust my stones like my parents did with George Bush Jr.? I plan on never dying so I don’t have to face them when I’m dead for whatever misgivings they have for me when they were alive. I wouldn’t talk with them, 17 years of psychoanalysis and they come back from the grave to hit me with Jewish Guilt!!! They could just be proud of me? Forget the stuff I’ve accomplished not even the Jewish Doctor thing would help!!! My father never liked the psychiatrist thing. He said and I quote, “No matter how you slice it, it’s all boloney!!!”

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