Kiki Presents: George Harrison (Grandpa!)

I have three of the Beatles now, George, Ringo, and John. Working on Paul. Very hard if not impossible to get to the base individual. I’ve done this on only a few occasions. Ron’s birthday is March 1, 1954, age 66 and I’m told that’s correct. Robin Williams is supposed to be 69 but I have him as 67 which I believe is correct. I believe John is older and I don’t have Paul. In 1964 at the Beatles performance in Shea Stadium George/Ron was 10 years old, Ringo/Robin was 11, John was likely a few years older and Paul I don’t know. These guys were kids and I have photos to confirm this…for anyone paying attention.

I know I had this before but this is the first photo of Ron without a shirt for confirmation besides Ron was upset that I was working on the other Beatles and not him.

I’ll put up something new in five.