Kiki Presents: Hailee Steinfeld!

This one really took me by surprise. One of my favorite films, ‘True Grit’. I liked the original with John Wayne and I loved this one. Hailee was terrific! Seemed like an accomplished actress at age 14…turns out she was probably sitting a bit short of 30! Crikey!!! I’ve seen the film over ten times and complained to Ron that the Coen Brothers took credit for writing the story which they did not…the book was written by Charles Portis. He called up one of the Coen Bros. who said they didn’t know that had been done. Sad. Portis writes arguably one of the top five western books of all time and got no credit in the film…the bastards.

My other complaint about the film and it’s minor because this is a top favorite of mine is when Rooster’s horse, Dollor, gets shot out from under him and lands on top of him and he can’t get out, John Wayne says in the original film something to the effect, “I never had cause to curse you before.” This line was sadly lacking in the remake as I recall.

Matt Damon would be a half brother to Hailee Steinfeld if my calculations are correct. Terrific role for him. Again, a great film and taken by great surprise as I always am with the actress.