Kiki Presents: Paul McCartney

Ed Baruch (Taken off facebook)

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I decided to go back and work on the Beatles and found this slide of Paul, the arrows and description are mine. I have George and John, finalizing on Ringo but Paul is way more complicated. There were rumors they replaced Paul at some point which I believe is true. Paul in newer concerts sits behind an upright piano in a large concert hall where he should be commanding a Steinway Grand Piano. I believe it’s done to hide his stature. I have a suspicion who the newer Paul is but it’s always difficult to work on short people because they don’t show a lot of skin. All the Beatles have tremendous scarring, including this Paul. I have strongly suspected they were in a major motor-vehicle accident together. I try not to read into too much of the photo but the scarring is evident where I delineated. Based on the scarring in the chest and abdomen, I would suspect a ruptured spleen, and an aortic tear from the ligamentum arteriosum due blunt force trauma to the chest. He was likely in coma for a while as there is not just scarring to the neck but a tracheotomy tube was inserted into the throat as you can see in the scarring in the lower neck. Here’s where it gets tricky…if they had to replace him and I don’t believe they had to replace any of the others then it must have been really serious and I suspect that we’re looking at a problem in the central nervous system related to either anoxia from blood loss or loss of respiration, or a head injury. I suspect significant brain damage. He may have a left facial palsy and has the appearance of the kind of cognitive dulling you might see in someone with significant brain damage. I’ll keep digging, I have 3/4 of the Beatles, and I suspect I have the newer McCartney but this guy may have gone into obscurity if he was severely cognitively impaired…for anyone paying attention.