Kiki Presents: The Battle of Bryce (Second Draft)

The Battle of Bryce (Second Draft)


Frustrated by the endless Battle for Bryce

By some men she cared for little

Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal

Or perhaps a combination of both


She took to a plan

“Let’s infuriate Ed”

“That should be the end of Bobby”

but it wasn’t enough and in the end

she took The Battle on herself.


“Bobby it’s you I really love, not Ed”

“But he simply won’t leave”

“Let’s prove to him how much we love”

“By bringing our sweet bodies near”


With that they joined

Bobby and Bryce

And she called for Ed

“Darling come see what we’ve done”


And from the distance watched Ed

As Bobby rhythmically jumped her

Ed unmoved by the sight

Because he knew it meant nothing


Sex was a commodity that could be bought and be sold

And personal feelings could be kept on hold

It didn’t mean anything, it had no value to him

They could have been eating a burger with fries


As a matter of fact

Ed would have found

Bryce sharing her fries

To be much more saddening

Than Bryce sharing her thighs


She needed Ed to anger

Then with all his rage

He’d end the Battle for Bryce

And her potential cage




“I love you Bobby and I want you so much”

“Let’s madden Ed and he’ll lose his trust”

“Rip off my top, right in his front”

“Let’s see if he can stand this terrible affront”


With that Bobby tore

The shirt from her chest

Leaving her topless

And seeming aghast


And saddened Ed watched it

Knowing an act and not simply real

Powerless to save her

From the terrible fate that she must await


So began The Battle of Bryce

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a fight

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen

Evertime, everplace


I looked at the photos

Costumes of demons

wondered to self

Who would even wear ‘em


Beautiful colors with amazing sheen

Skin tight from headtoe

Razor sharp nails, gleaming like pearls

And demon like lenses completing the drobe


My breath taken away

But not the first time

Quietly she sat

She bided her time


Her dad, The Director, glanced over at her

He had an uncanny knack

of sizing it up and taking it in

for putting it out


He trusted his players

He knew what they’d do

Don’t know if he set this all up

‘cause Bryce could direct as well as the lot



She was also super magical

With great super powers

And a magical ability

To turn rainbows into flowers


But there were no rainbows today

Nor were there flowers

It was time for a battle

And in the etheric, I found her in garb


Things in etheric are somewhat different

I could not her recognize

Still the most beautiful thing

I’d seen between her and earth


Though breathtakingly beautiful

I was truly frightened

I’d never seen anything like her

A Female Demon enlightened


I kept myself calm I knew not what to do

A Lady Demon From Hell

All shimmering aglazed

“It’s time my love Eddie, it’s finally time”


And the Battle began, The Battle of Bryce

And she cut and she tore with nails that were long

And chewed and she ate, with teeth that were sharp

And then best of all she invited me to enjoin


Though generous in spirit, I had to demur

It wasn’t my taste

And for business at hand

She had changed to a more practical form


Like I, the Golem, a gray etheric mass

She was a demon of similar tass

I left her to dine with the man on the floor

His throat belied the rage of the man she abhorred


Of a woman who’d had

simply enough

Of multiple attempts

on her suitor’s life



More than enough

Enough scheming

Enough planning

Enough Bobby too


From men so rich

They could buy whatever they want

Or steal it, or own it

Like chattel eschewed


Two things though

They could not buy

One would not leave

And one would not die


Far and Wide found him

Ripped simply to shreds

Eaten there bodily

For anyone to share


And he went to The Director

And said, “She killed my son”

“And now you’ll pay dearly”

“For that what she done”


Of things he began to strip

The Director bare

He lectured and he raged

for more than anything else he loved his son


The Director was done but did keep his cool

Too seasoned a man, he takes things in stride

But I finally realized that the time had come

As there would be no end to this man’s vengeance


The time had come to take stock in The Battle for Bryce

And finish the final maneuvers of The Battle of Bryce

I raged and I angered and I found him alone

I wrapped my fingers around his throat…


And I squeezed


Leave no important job undone

And six minutes would be to long to wait

To asphyxiate

And harder I squeezed


Until the man separated from his shoulders

A too tragic end

Embarrassed at what I had done

I left the scene


And the Director called me in

Like God calling Cain

To a large group of friends

“Ed, what did you do?”


“I strangled him,” I said

“But you did so much more,”

“Do tell us, Ed,”

“tell us what more?”


“His head did he separate,”

“From his shoulder to toes”

“I didn’t mean this as such”

“It’s just, six minutes I had not”


The Director kept cool

As he saw the bigger picture

Of a symbolic ending

And an outsider unleashed


Of a man who had sold

All that he owned

For that was the price

Of a woman called Bryce


So ended The Battle of Bryce

A woman who undertook

The end to the most dangerous warlords

And their nefarious plans


And a man who was chattel

Who joined her bold plan

And followed her lead

Into the end

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