Kiki Presents: “What has Ron Howard Done?”

Conquistador was written and performed by Ron Howard in the band Procol Harum. Which one in the band was he, I’d need more time to research this than I have allotted to this if I want to get to his other accomplishments.

Ron Howard wrote, “Light My Fire” for Jim Morrison and the Doors

Ron Howard wrote “Fool on the Hill” performed by the Beatles…He was also George Harrison

Ron Howard wrote some of Desperado performed by the Eagles of which he’s one. Here’s Linda Ronstadt performing the song who was offered one million dollars to pose naked in Playboy magazine…does she have no respect for money?)

Ron Howard wrote, “She’s Always a Woman to Me” for Billy Joel…Billy turns out to be Tim Curry.

Ron Howard wrote, “Rocket M an” for Elton John who turns out to be Billy Mummy. Here Taron Egerton performs the song.

Born to be Wild was written and performed by Ron Howard for the band Steppenwolf. He is also Peter Fonda. Dennis Hopper, in the film, is also Robin Williams who still regales about riding those big handled choppers.