Kiki Presents: What has Ron Howard Done?

Periodically I go through my phone and pull out the information on projects Ron has been involved with through the years. Often it’s music, TV, movies or advertising. Here I try to put up a few things. It would take me weeks to lay everything out…and away we go

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

Ron Howard was heavily involved in the marketing of this product.
Ron Howard worked on the 1960’s version of the Halo shampoo commercial originally sang by Peggy Lee.
This is the original Halo commercial
Ron Howard wrote Rosalita for Bruce Springsteen, a terrific endearing song. Ron has quietly written hundreds if not thousands of songs for other artists.

If this is not showing up look it up. Ron Howard wrote the song for the show “The Good Guys” I remember the show being good but the song was very good. Ron Howard who was John Denver worked with Bob Denver on many occasion, including Gilligan’s Island but most interesting, Bob Denver was Werner Erhard the founder of EST.
The Good Guys Pilot Episode
Ron Howard wrote Your Song for Elton John. Elton John is Ron Howard’s younger brother who is Billy Mumy! Ron coined the name Billy Mumy for him as well.
Ron Howard wrote the theme song and helped out on the King Kong Show
Ron Howard wrote the theme song for The Hulk…cartoon. Kind of a stop action cartoon. He did most of the work on this cartoon.
Ron Howard wrote the song “Miss You” from “Some Girls” by the Rolling Stones. Ron wrote all of the songs of this album and did it in a week. He had help with the production.
Ron Howard wrote After The Lovin’ for Engelbert Humberdink
Ron Howard wrote “Lean on Me” for Bill Withers
Ron Howard wrote the theme song for “Green Acres” He also worked on the show.
Ron Howard wrote the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” and was the scraggly looking member of the band “Boston”. Great song!!

Haha all the guys in Boston were scraggly looking!!!

Ron Howard worked on and illustrated the updated 1966 commercial for New Country Cornflakes. He worked on the 1960’s version.
Ron Howard wrote “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” Ron wrote a lot of Simon and Garfunkel songs. Note Robin Williams was Art Garfunkel.
Ron Howard wrote “My Little Town.” Simon and Garfunkel.
Ron Howard wrote the song for this advertisement for Tippy Tumbles. Interestingly enough the girl standing on her head, though there’s no music, it says “and Tippy stands on her head with you!” sat with me in middle school, i don’t remember what class, her name was Pamela Schwartz. Either 7th or 9th grade as I never attending the 8th grade.
Ron Howard wrote “The Only Living Boy In NY” I had the pleasure of singing on a street corner in Orlando with Art.

All my clones want to meet me…that must be quite a sight…if you thought one of me was a pest. Imagine them scheming together!!

Ron Howard wrote Hymn 43 for Jethro Tull. Ron’s the scraggly guy in the band.

That joke never seems to grow old!!
Ron Howard wrote, “My Dead Dog Rover” and was in the band, “Hank, Stu, Dave and Hank.”
Ron Howard is Weird Al Yankovic. Not only does he do the comedy rewrites of the original songs most of the time he has written the original songs. This is one of my favorites.

As all the clones walk around eating ice cream they continue to work on their plans for world wide domination and this is Ed out!