Kiki’s Katch Up: Rocketman Update

I normally try and leave myself out of the picture if I can but in the interest of disclosure I have to put out my influence on this film and I need to be more conscious of the influence I have on this industry. The industry is filled with very talented and very hard working people, I am merely a humble servant and a critic. As I recall my Strong Campbell listed critic on my top four professions.

I understand much of Rocketman was reshot after I criticized “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This must have been very expensive but I’m sure it will vastly pay off. My major criticism with Rhapsody was it was not big enough a film for a persona like Freddie Mercury.

My critique was well received and they turned up the volume on Rocketman and added a lot more singing, dancing and action. I watch the show, “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” which I love and marvel at how they cram all this brilliant singing and dancing numbers into each show. I recognize bits and pieces of the songs from other places because it can’t be easy to come up with new songs every episode let alone dance numbers. In Rocketman you already had the songs which makes it much easier than starting from scratch…this is a real plus!

I had suggested that fight scene and a car chase would have been great in Bohemian Rhapsody which showed up early in the film…really super! Also, the trailers must have been cut before the film was reshot because a lot of the film did not show up in the trailers. They may have been shooting right up until the film was released.

If they can do what they do in every episode of “Ex-Girlfriend” then they could certainly do it in Rocketman. I would suspect they used the people from “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” in Rocketman to write, film, dance etc in this film. There are some uncanny similarities.

Great film, hits the hight points 10/5.

A plea for Stan and Ollie. I loved Laurel and Hardy and the film Stan and Ollie fell short in my estimation. Second half better than first. I know we won’t see another film with them for another 10-20 years if ever. (The brought back The Hulk even though the first film blew) Here’s what I would do (I think I’ve suggested this before): Center the film around “March of the Wooden Soldiers” aka “Babes in Toyland” Turn it into a murder mystery or an old time crime syndicate film as the background in the film. Have people actually trying to murder Stan and Ollie both during the filming of March and in the background story. Have people turn up dead with Stan and Ollie trying to solve the mystery. Again, lot’s of action, singing, dancing, over the top filming. Also, make each of the characters as big as possible. I’d turn the old woman in the shoe and the kids into a group of psychopaths like in Oliver Twist or “Shameless”. I think films about legendary people like Elton, Freddie or Stan and Ollie need to be as big as possible. Bollywood has it right and I think it’s what we need, singing and dancing in all these great films. We can all just stay home and watch Homeland or Killing Eve or any of the other great series for a few bucks a month. We need a reason to go out and spend money in the movies.

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