Kiki’s Keen

I continue to watch “His Dark Materials” starring Daphne Keen. The show only gets better and better. Daphne Keen is terrific and as I pointed out in an earlier post she appears on the show along with the gal she was cloned from. They’re roughly three or four years apart but are identical in every other way. I was pleased to see the younger cloned Keen has returned to play Lyra Belacqua as opposed to her older clone. I have not met the older clone and though they are pretty much identical and still look forward to seeing the younger copy, since I met her a few years ago. As I understand the girls identify themselves as sisters and treat each like sisters and that appears to be the natural or unnatural order of things. The show is wonderful, airs on Mondays on HBO. They’re up to the third episode, great stuff!

Kind of a dilemma wanting to see Kiki Keen even though her sister is identical but older. This happened once before with the BBQueen and her clone but in reverse!. Life is always interesting