Kiki’s Klassik Kommercials Presents: Razzles!!!

I’ll run with this though I cannot find a copy of the commercial. I will use my vast resource or instincts, my memory and dumb luck!!

Ron, I believe, did a classic commercial for a candy called Razzles. As I recall here’s how it ran.

A geeky guy comes out on stage, probably Ron because who else could do this better…no one!

He says, “I dreamed I was a Razzles. I put me in my mouth. First I was a candy, then I was a gum. I blew a little bubble but the noise did wake me up, and I don’t know what became of me.”

I believe he stuck his thumb in his mouth and blew, walked off somewhere and exploded.

On some level the ad had to work because the candy is still around and I remember most of the ad.

Hail Ron

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