Kiki’s Komedy Kaper: Under the Rainbow

I’ve been discussing the film “Babes in Toyland” or “March of the Wooden Soldiers” apparently my concept has been done before in the film, Under the Rainbow with Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher. I haven’t seen it and I may but this may be a good place to start.

FYI: One of the great aspects of “March” is that while the Boogymen are attacking Toyland making off with the children the Characters and townspeople are fighting them off. The Three Little Pigs beat up Barnaby and a few of the Boogymen. In one of the many really great moments of the film, the mouse climbs into a toy Zeppelin, fills it with small contact explosive and flies over the Boogeymen dropping bombs on them. He gets shot down by Stan Laurel aka Twiddle-Dee or Dum (Oliver Hardy is the other one). Stan was hitting Pee Wees at the Boogymen and moves onto darts.

This was probably one of the first instances in film of someone being shutdown by friendly fire.

OK so it’s been done…that doesn’t mean it can’t be done again.

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