Kiki’s Koniving Movie Review: Rocketman!!!

(Disclaimer: Some of my assessments are not correct. I’m told I’m close, though sometimes the reviewers of my work are wrong and I’m actually correct.)

(Disclaimer Disclaimer: I am validated, the nuances in this post are correct, my assessments are correct. I reveal a lot of information which is not supposed to be known but I have to report things as I see them and let the chips lie where they might…enjoy!) Still there a really minor error, I’ll try and find it.

Saw John Wick yesterday which I may review another time, I almost walked on it except the last film I walked out on was Cowboys and Aliens which I never heard the end of and I tried watching again…ok, there was also Ender’s Game which wasn’t so bad. I didn’t walk out on it, I was at home and turned it off and my close friends and family turned into ice-boxes and wouldn’t talk to me, and still hold on to this, so I made it through John Wick which had it’s moments…over and over again. Now…Back to Rocketman!!

Rocketman!!!! This is a world class film which knocked it out of the park!!!!! While I was not completely thrilled with Bohemian Rhapsody which I thought was good but the film was too small for a guy like Freddie Mercury and Queen. The best part of that film was the last ½ hour which was largely actually Freddie! This film, I thought, captured the bigness of Elton John. The film was nearly as big as he was!! Few films can be as big as some of these great artists, this was as close as it was going to get.

Hugely entertaining, great songs, plenty of dancing, creative, a Bollywood dance number and a great fight and a car chase!!!! Who could ask for more?!!! Well there was Bryce Howard, and that more than tipped it over the scales.

This is taken from Wikipedia:

Rocketman is a 2019 biographical musical film based on the life of musician Elton John. Directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Lee Hall, it stars Taron Egerton as John, with Jamie BellRichard Madden, and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film follows John’s early days as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music to his musical partnership with Bernie Taupin. The film is titled after John’s 1972 song “Rocket Man“.

Taron Egerton and Bryce Dallas Howard in Rocketman

Matthew Illesley is a British actor who began his professional career in 2018, aged 9, playing Young Reggie in Rocketman. This is a really cute kid!!!

Now I don’t necessarily believe the whole story, nor did I believe the Freddie Mercury story as Ron Howard wrote Bohemian Rhapsody because who else could have? and Ron wrote a lot of Elton’s songs. Elton John from my studies is Billy Mumy from Lost in Space and “You’re a Bad Man…You’re a very bad man.” 

Billy Mumy aka Elton John

So who played Elton John? As above it’s Taron Egerton! From watching the credits I noted he did all the singing of the Elton John songs except for the one the younger Elton did. This is no small feat.

In the film Great Balls of Fire Dennis Quaid lip-synced the songs of Jerry Lee Lewis (BTW this was a really terrific film!) he didn’t sing them. Here Taron sings the songs. How’s this possible?…

This film is another successful Ron Howard and Company film. Billy Mumy is Ron’s full biological brother. The whole family are musical genius’s. I strongly suspect Billy Mumy was the original Paul McCartney and this role was taken over by Clint Howard. This I believe occurred after a car accident. Billy went on to become Elton John and possibly Leo Sayer. 

So who is Taron Egerton? Clint Howard is every bit the musical genius as Ron Howard is. Ron was George Harrison as well as David Bowie to name a few. I suspect Taron is either the progeny of Clint Howard or he is Clint’s clone…yes possible a clone. I estimate tens of thousands of clones in this world. I’ve identified roughly ten different people’s clones and two people with over a 100 clones. So this is not so far fetched. The youngest Elton John in the film may have been a progeny of Billy Mumy or a clone of Billy. Ron, Billy and Clint ofter share roles when possible.

Clint had a problem with at least one of his ears and this may be the case with Taron but this requires study.

Problems with the film…minimal. I’m greedy, I wanted one more song and dance number we’ll maybe two, I wanted Candle in the Wind in the film, and I really wish though it would have been very costly to recreate…a piece of the Pinball Wizard song from the movie Tommy…the greatest rock and roll musical rock opera of all time and Elton John’s greatest performance and possibly the greatest performance by any singer in any venue ever. If you haven’t seen Tommy go see it. I have about five reviews of it earlier. It’s pure genius.

5/5 stars for the film and an extra five stars for Bryce Dallas Howard, making it 10/5 stars…a new record!


Later gators…hi Kiki!!!

OK, I cried like a baby for most of the film…it was really great!!! I was really afraid this was going to suck…it did not!

You know what else was great!! The trailer paled in comparison to the actual film!! Usually the trailers tell the whole film, then there are no surprises in the film. This was not the case here. The whole film was great! If you haven’t seen Castaway with Tom Hanks don’t bother, just watch the trailer, thanks for showing us he gets off the island. No surprises after that trailer, good thing the trailer for Planet of the Apes didn’t show us the Statue of Liberty and that they were back on the planet earth. Also, if Tom Hanks wife in the film knew he was alive why did she marry Big?

Remember Kiki Kikowitz for information no one is supposed to know!

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