Kiki’s Korner Film Review: Ford vs Ferrari!!!

I went to see this mostly for Matt Damon, (and Parasite wasn’t starting yet) who I’m a huge fan of despite his coming to my office incognito for a few visits to screw with me just because I outed his secret identity, his family, his father, his mother, his grandfather and his stepfather. Oh, and he’s from Iceland. He made a super film with one of my favorite Asians, Hong Chau who appears in Watchmen and was brilliant. Ford vs Ferrari is a very good action film, and the acting is world class.

I guess my only issue with it is I know it’s a film about racing, and the race takes 24 hours but do they have to go around the track so many times. It’s cool when a car crashes, or blows up, otherwise it’s kind of redundant. Kind of like when I walked out of Cowboys and Aliens because all they were doing was running around on horses and then Harrison Ford didn’t talk to me for months after that. I’ll give it 4.5/5. I’d give it 5/5 but he’ll kiss my daughter but not me. They should have gotten Harrison to play Henry so it would be Ford playing Ford. Harrison Ford is an accomplished pilot but he gets annoyed with me when I tell the uber driver that when he’s flying he thinks he’s Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon flying through an asteroid belt, “Never tell me the odds!!!!” He sits there helplessly while I laugh hysterically.!!