Kiki’s Korner Presents: Grand Rounds with Robin Williams!

We examined some scars on the Late Great Robin Williams Yesterday and concluded that he indeed had neck vagina but what in fact caused it?

Robin Williams has some kind of Mish Mosh of skin and scars and vagina around his neck and chest. Christopher Reeves is sporting a bit of a neck vagina as well.

I suspected a motor vehicle accident. He usually wears a prosthetic around his neck.

MORK & MINDY, Robin Williams, Pam Dawber, 1978-82, © Paramount Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

You can see the prosthetic around Robins peck as he plays Mork on Mork and Mindy.

Photo answers my question…yes he wears makeup and prosthetics in public. Great photo!

So what does he look like with less make up? Let’s look at photos of David Patrick Kelly…here’s the one from yesterday…lets see a more recent one

Did you know that when David Patrick Kelly puts on a turtleneck he gets camel toe?

David Patrick Kelly 2012/13

Boy he looks like someone I know.

Charles Dance aka Tywin Lannister…I think I know your daughter
Also looks like Woody Harrelson and is!

Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) from Leave it To Beaver aka Robin Williams notice his V-Neck

Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) from Leave it To Beaver aka Robin Williams

and omg!!! He’s Harrison Ford. Check out his V-neck!! (We certainly can’t say that Mr. Ford has a neck vagina so V-neck will do!)

In terms of the neck scar on Robin I suspect Motor Vehicle Accident though skiing could be a possibility. Anything with a decent rate of speed and sudden deceleration .

Prominent left shoulder scar and forehead, some right shoulder.
Very good view of left shoulder scar. Possible shoulder harness injury, correct size and shape.
Midline scarring in chest and abdomen, possible splenic rupture and traumatic Aortic Rupture with repair.

I suspect trauma surgeons received him from MVA where he was being hand bagged for air or still breathing. Internal and external bleeding was present. Bloody and swollen face and bleeding from left shoulder, area of shoulder strap. Insertion of endotracheal tube may have been made difficult by trauma to mouth or throat. An emergency tracheotomy would have had to occur. Skin on neck was cut vertically by surgeon with angle from top to bottom (left to right). In an effort to proceed in haste, the skin was ripped off by hand from left to right on left side of neck, then tracheotomy cut was made and an endotrachial tube was inserted into the trachea¬†to provide ventilation. Bedside X-rays would have been done and repairs of the spleen and heart would have been done first as bleeding needs to be stopped quickly and these are two most likely areas of significant bleeding. I cannot find photos of the back but I’ll infer trauma to the spine requiring repair and conditions associated with head trauma.

Other than that how did you like the play Mrs. Lincoln?

Young Bill Clinton aka Robin Williams notice neck cover
Bill Clinton thin lips on his V-neck
Bill Clinton…oozing off color V-neck
Great picture of neck on Bill shirt…rarer than teeth on hens!!
Bill Clinton aka Robin Williams and Hillary Clinton aka Cheryl Howard

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