Kiki’s Korrektions: Trey Parker

In the post regarding George Bush, Trey Parker and the electric baby, the boy who sat next to George W. was not Trey Parker but possibly Trey’s son. An added possibility is that Trey Parker is the son of George W. He’s almost certainly a close resident. This would make the boy who sat next to George a grandson or possibly a grand nephew. What’s the clue? In the electric baby story the boy came in and sat right next to George with only a minimal of acknowledgement of each other. He might have been about 8 years old. He sat down as if he’d done this a hundred times or more. Perfectly natural, no introductions needed.

Also Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a TV show about the president called “That’s My Bush”. I don’t think that would have made that onto network TV without either a request for the show to be done or an internal approval process. Bush was purposely portrayed as an idiot president of which the man is not. As Al Gore said, “He’s plenty smart!”

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