Kiki’s Krew Presents: Welcome to Marwen, Captain Scarlet, The King Kong Show, Johnny Quest, Tobor and Top Cat

I highly suspect the Film “Welcome to Marwen” was created soon after I blogged about Ron Howard creating, directing, producing and doing it all on the show, “Captain Scarlet.” Ron was brought to tears when I blogged about it and I’m brought to tears whenever I watch the trailer to “Marwen”. It looks amazingly creative and wondrous and the only thing I really hate about it is it won’t hit the theaters until November 10th. Well good things are worth waiting for and in the same vein here’s another show Ron worked on called, “The King Kong Show”. Here’s the intro for it from 1966 when Ron was about 11 or 12 years old:

after 50 years that song is still stuck in my head and guess what?! Ron is in the show as the little boy!! Damn good likeness!!! Nice change over all the waif women like Fay Wray, kind of a bit of a gay Kong version but why not?

Now let’s look at Johnny Quest, also worked on by Ron

What was really cool about this show? It was an action adventure cartoon geared as much to adults as kids with adult centered themes and non-cartoonish looking characters. It also had an
Asian-Indian boy named Hadji who was mystical. This was kind of a big deal as I don’t believe I ever saw an Indian in a cartoon as a major lead character, and he was a great character. Finally without doing any research, as I recall, the cartoon was on prime time TV, maybe 7:30 or 8PM, which was like a big deal for a cartoon, and it was terrific!!!

Ron also worked on Tobor The 8th Man

and if I’m not mistaken he worked on Top Cat…


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