Kiki’s Kronikles: What people don’t know about Ed.

This blog chronicles, “The Howards” but over 80 percent of it is about Ron. While I’m having large hiatuses I do take notes about Ron as they come to me so in the spirit of the last post I’ll post some more things Ron was involved in.

Ron helped with the commercial and the product, “Clackers” (not too be confused with “Click Clacks” which damaged more brains than  mercury laden vaccines given to newborns.

at some point the prize was a cylindrical plastic whistle similar to the ones for calling ducks. You’d blow it and yell, “Clackers, clackers wake up for clackers”… I kid you not!

I like that they’re sprinkling sugar on this cereal which needed no additional sweeteners. I ate enough of this sugary cardboard to wind up in the ICU in diabetic coma. Ron did a lot of cigarette ads which didn’t help my diabetes induced coma.

BTW… I can see why Ron mocked me about going into psychology/industrial psychology so I could do advertising when I met him and Cheryl after seeing the show Mummenschanz.  Little known fact about me and Ron. I have gotten into either an argument or nearly life-threatening altercation every time I’ve run into him through the years.

I have too many more…I’ll do one more thing that Ron worked on..

Jean LaFoot, The Barefoot Pirate

sounds like the cast of Rocky and Bullwinkle

  1. Mummenschanz
  2. The nite before Wigstock, you and Donald, as close to being beaten to shit as I’ve ever come except for a NJ court house once
  3. After meeting the BB Queen spooning essentially mac and cheez (your quote-Knowing Bryce I don’t think this is the last I’ve seen of this guy)


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