Kiki’s Kwerries: Art Garfunkel and Robin Williams

Robin Williams AKA Art Garfunkel. This is as close to 100% correct as possible (unbelievably). I went looking for Art Garfunkel and figured him for someone else. When I saw this picture of Art Garfunkel sans shirt he resembled Joe Pantoliano who played Guido the Killer Pimp in “Risky Business”. Joe, I identified as Robin a while back and I knew Robin had a massive diagonal neck scar which was left open to heal. Here the scar, going up to the ear is virtually identical and would be a lot closer but the scar on Robin is smeared (photoshopped) and hence they are not completely identical. What about the voice? Art has one of the great voices of our time…so does Robin (yes the man who was Robin Williams still breathes) Robin Williams was incredibly talented and I heard him sing and he is literally breathtaking!!! For anyone paying attention

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