Kiki’s Kwixotic Film Review: Yesterday!!!

I saw the film Yesterday today and once again a film hit it out of the ballpark!!! I give this film a 5/5!!

Yesterday is a 2019 British jukebox musicalromantic comedy film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Richard Curtis. The film stars Himesh Patel as a musician who, after an accident, finds himself as the only person who remembers The Beatles, and becomes famous taking credit for writing and performing their songs. 

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 60% Critics Concensus and 92% Audience Score.

I’m glad we looked at the Audience Score because a 60% Critic Score is pretty poor. Let’s not forget that the critics complained about Pavarotti being too fat! I think what went on here is that the critics had they’re heads up their asses and couldn’t hear the music!

I won’t go into in great detail…I loved it! Himesh Patel was superb as was Lily James, Ed Sheeran and Kate McKinnon.

More to come I’m watching Downton Abbey

Boy this is a really good show!!!

Back to Yesterday…I thought it was really clever. I had my doubts about the film but it was really fresh and not that predictable. Music was phenomenal and I’m not going to complain that there wasn’t enough music just because it left me wanting more! The actors were great and a shout out to Ed Sheeran who is a personal favorite of mine and I ran into in a candy shop at Universal Studios.

I’m going out on a far reaching limb here…I suspect that Alexander Arnold who played Gavin and did a terrific job is either a direct descendant of our own Max or possible a clone or a clone of a son. He looked a lot like a character or two of Max’s and a great actor.

Again, a super film! I cried through most of it when I realized just how could it was. It paid tribute to the Fab Four and did not diminish them in any way 5/5. This is the reason we go to the movies otherwise we wouldn’t leave our homes.

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