Kiki’s Movie Review: MAIDEN!!!!!

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Movie Review: Maiden
This was a knock it out of the park documentary which was more engaging and exciting than almost anything I’ve seen in the last year. It scored a 99% on the tomato meter (who was the dip-a-doo who didn’t like the film?) 95% with the audience score, it would have scored 100% except 4 people complained that the gals should have worn a bikini and not a one piece during one of the legs of the race and 1 person felt the gals should not have been wearing swimsuits at all but instead their usual sailing gear. The film was phenomenal and don’t allow me to cheapen it with the same crudeness the ladies had to endure during the race. It’s a film for the whole family and should not be missed by anyone! 10/10 on the Ed-Meter!! (BTW, thank you to the crew and the others for showing up in Cape May last week. I spotted at least a few of you.) Thanks to Ron for setting this up.

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