Kiki’s Movie Review: White Boy Rick

Keeping this brief but I loved the film despite it being a bit of a downer at the end. Rick sure reminded me of Camren Bicondova aka Selina Kyle aka Catwoman who I’m pretty sure I saw in 42nd street and my gym!

I was miserating that I knew a lot of the players in film and had insulted some of them in the past but I wasn’t in the film (something about banning me from Los Angeles in someone’s contract but they can’t enforce it) plus I may be difficult to take direction (too PTSD from being run around LA in my underwear) just as I hit the heights of despair White Boy Rick went in to see the goldfish named of all things Ed! My heart lightened that is until Rick got shot in the stomach 2 seconds later and has to crap into a bag for the rest of the film while he’s banging some very hot black chicks. Other than that how was the play Mrs. Lincoln? Thanks for the shout out guys!

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