Kiki’s Movie Reviews: Cruising starring Billy Mumy

The movie, “Cruising” got beat up worse than a gayed-up Al Pacino in a police precinct…

Al Pacino and some Jim Brown looking guy in Cruising

…and as I recall Al Pacino got crapped on worse than Hilly Holbrook in “The Help”.

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I glanced at wikipedia for a bit to see why the film took a worse licking than a gamer with a Nintendo switch cartridge.

It appears gay groups did not embrace it… not like the ballet dancers who game out in droves for the Black Swan which was way creepier than Cruising could have ever been!

Well TFB, I liked Cruising. I thought it would surely be another hit for Big Gay Al but it wasn’t. Maybe it will go down somewhere in history as a historical piece because what went on in the film was in part what went on at the time in NYC.

I thought it was an open film, tough, at times difficult to watch, kind of like watching for the first time Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry) undress into his corset, panties and stockings in Rocky Horror Picture show. I still blush at that.

I’ll lay down ten bucks Curry is in this film somewhere.


When I have a chance I’ll rewatch it and post an update to this column.

Don’t forget the great Al Pacino turns out to be Billy Mumy so don’t piss him off!!!

This episode of Twilight Zone only gets creepier and scarier the older I get!


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