Kiki’s Musik: Moon River Part 2

This is Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River.

My sources tell me that Ron Howard did in fact write Moon River. This is the musical equivalent of splitting the atom at age 6. Ron was and still is a musical genius of the likes of Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart. There is a list of the modern musical genius and Ron occupies 4 of the 10 spots if you include the Beatles; Prince, Dylan and Hendrix are the others.

So what’s the deal here? Ron was sworn to secrecy. He was told never to reveal to anyone he wrote the song. Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer are attributed to it but I was pretty sure Ron had a hand in it and it was confirmed he did it.

So sworn to secrecy virtually no one is aware that a six ¬†year Ron Howard wrote it. This was a game changer for Ron and the musical and entertainment community demonstrating Ron’s capabilities as a writer and composer.

I’ve gone through the issues with Ron’s song “Windmills of Your Mind” which he wrote and was stolen from him. The song is pure genius and continues to be a sore point for him.

BTW Audrey Hepburn is Diane Disney.

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