Kiki’s Obits: Harlan Ellison Part 2

Harlan Ellison was a prophet. Some of his stories were identical to events that have recently gone on that would have been impossible to predict because they were impossible.

  1. Harlan wrote a story about a man who was able to target and destroy military weapons and people would send him the locations of these secret sites and he  would destroy them.
  2. Another story told of a man who could grant wishes for people. He held a meeting and people shouted out what they wanted including breast and penis enlargement (not on the same people).

2 Replies to “Kiki’s Obits: Harlan Ellison Part 2”

  1. Знаете ли вы?
    В Чехословакии и СССР был свой «поцелуй победы».
    Новый вид пауков-скакунов был назван по имени писателя в честь юбилея его самой известной книги о гусенице.
    Синим цветом своих футболок «Скуадра адзурра» обязана Савойе.
    Сын политика-пьяницы помог принять сухой закон в своей провинции.
    Бывший министр финансов удостоился высшей государственной награды за распространение знаний о психических расстройствах.

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