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Ed Baruch I happen to like The Maestro…though he is a world class dick and spends his life ruining people and stealing whatever he can and screwing people over…other than that how did you enjoy the play…Mary Todd?

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Ed Baruch I talked to seven attorneys when I discovered the BS going…he happened to be the first and he lied to me. OK, I’m tired of reiterating the past lets move forward…I just have to pick which “forward” to go…I’ll pick the Yiddish Forward.

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Ed Baruch The Maestro tried to get out from being under. The problem was like Pacino, “every time I try and get out they drag me back” They were thinking of kicking him loose but I own him now and I don’t want him going anywhere. Stick around honey…you’re mine now!

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Ed Baruch Maybe you want to run to a warmer client without your little friends and taking a tidy nest egg you’ve purloined from illicit adventures…stuff you didn’t even tell your partners about…or maybe money you’ve squeezed from your little beaches who are too powerless to go up against you and simply have to meet your demands or go full variable on them…or Joseph Kerr who looks to escape with the boy scouts.

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Ed Baruch One of the beaches you short changed saw his papa make a call to AC but he couldn’t buy what he wanted at any cost. The last time somebody sold one of those it cost 25M and the price went up ten fold after that.

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Ed Baruch and as we run down our time on Mystery-Science Fiction Theater we present for your viewing pleasure…the Queen of England!!!!!!

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Ed Baruch See above for my best assessment who is the gal they have playing the Queen right now!

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Ed Baruch Ooops I’m told Harley is no longer queen…my bad!

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Ed Baruch BTW, the gal who plays Harley also plays the chick at the top in armor besides having been the Queen of England. Also, she has a message for you….Get the British out of France!!!

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