MK Ultra Gorillas-Part I

I love Animal Kingdom. It’s now my favorite theme park. Also a plea for Sea World… go visit it. It was my favorite park but I hear they’re getting rid of the whales and there used to be a guy who sang before the dolphin show who I really liked.

Anyway, Animal Kingdom used to be a bit of a snooze but I’ve had a great time the last two times. The monkeys are a riot but I’m loving the gorillas.

The next to last time one of the gorillas, a male, got up onto a rock and ate some Romaine lettuce while he looked at the crowd. I decided to tune into his thoughts. Here’s what he was thinking: “Oh yes, I remember that one…oh yes that one too! He’s new and so is she.” It went something like that. He pulled off each leaf and munched on it thoughtfully.

I went home and thought all this over for a few weeks and realized something…This was all an act. He didn’t just happen onto that rock. He was trained to go there. Not only that this whole thing was scripted for the people who are psychic…cause I cant be the only one. Someone must have handed him the lettuce and told him to go sit on the rock, look at the people and decide who he’s seen before….Total Act!!! Not only that as confirmed during my next trip the gorillas spoke perfect English! See, a lot of people who work for Disney are either extremely bright or genius’s and so are the Gorillas.

So it was all pretense, an act but also an act for psychics. I then reasoned that if these gorillas could speak perfect English, psychically they could do pretty much anything including being used in battle and by law enforcement. They would probably have battle gear, flack jackets, helmets, etc. They would also be unstoppable. They might be trained in weaponry like guns, or swords and shields. They’d probably train them like attack dogs and also have them work under more realistic conditions with men who are considered enemies or undesirables as well as woman and children. Some of this would be pure and simple blood sport for sadistic delight.

The other thing I pondered was whether those Gorillas could get out of that place. I came to the conclusion that they could which one of them confirmed to me.

Part II to follow



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