Kiki’s Non-sequitors: Vincent Price

Vincent Price…likely to be the father of Vincent Schiavone…two great off beat actors! and yes…they are father and son!!!

Vincent Price did a lot of horror movies but probably would have been considered a main stream actor. He did a super film but a bit dated called “Last Man On Earth”. Fortunately they do a remake of it every 20 years! The first remake of it is “The Omega Man” with Charlton Heston who I was fortunately able to see at The Market Place in Fla a few months ago. He still looked beautiful! If I spot people in public I seldom go over for a number of reasons, so I didn’t stop to say hello but they flooded the place after that with Charley look-a-likes to f with my head.. The film was a masterwork that went beyond genre of Science Fiction into action and social discord.

As I recall in one of the highlights of the film Charlton is escaping from the night people and he and the female get on a motorcycle at either Shea or Yankee Stadium and Evil Knievel did a stunt jump for the film. Again, great film and a sound bite in the trailer and I believe the film from “the last man on earth” from Vincent Price in the beginning “this is where they burn the bodies”.

Vincent Schiavone did a lot of great films including a James Bond film as the evil torturer. He did ghost with Patrick Swayze and my favorite, One flew over the Cuckoos nest. He should have done sterile Cuckoo too so we could have seen him peel the tomato *Liza” instead of Ron…that would have made for great film entertainment!! Maybe he could have peeled Ron too! Pookkkiiiieeeeee!!!!!!

Last remake was “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. A good film, though sadly not up to par with Omega Man done in Charlton Heston’s Sci Fi Hey Day. Also, when I watched the film, (and I ran to the theater with my daughter after she described what she had just seen and I knew it was a new remake) I felt something was wrong with the ending and there was another one and this had been replaced. The ending didn’t fit and this turned out to be true. Nothing wrong with the original ending, not flashy, no explosion but a better ending. It’s on youtube.

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