Other than that…


Movie Theater review:

One of the worst experiences in movie going ever!!! I believe the Carmike in Voorhees in now under new management and is an AMC. I’m sure they’ll get their feet on the ground but not now. They’ll probably put in those great seats like in Marlton 8 AMC eventually but not now. The seats were cheap about 6 bucks each. I brought my wife and sister so it was about twelve bucks….hahaha old joke I learned in West Va. We walked into the theater…it was a disgusting mess. It had not been cleaned from the previous show/s. Crap in the cup holders. It was overly humid and smelled like mildew. I started to cough. Why didn’t we leave? I wanted to see the film…The Dark Tower! After the film I went out to let the people know how dreadful the theater was…Ok so what could go wrong now? Thugs!!! Five of them!!! Just hanging out…movie theater staff!! One guy had a security T-shirt on, the others wore black and hung around him like they were ducklings and he was Conrad Lorenz. None of them were rushing into the theater to clean but security was really tight in case the Voorhees Marauders showed after a screening of Crush Groove. I opted out of complaining. I’ve seen these things go bad before and didn’t want a repeat of having to explain to the local constabulary why these guys were laid out.

I’ll summarize my experience with this historical quote, “Other than that how did you enjoy the play…Mary Todd?

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