Part 5 taking questions

I’ll take questions:

I’ll reveal it to the world!!!!!

No, I won’t do anything if you say no, however, pretty much everyone I blog about becomes more successful and happier if I talk about them, but if you tell me no it’s no.

  1. Never give me a toe hold in this world…it’s all over if you do
  2. I make mistakes but I had a lot of clues, Jay Z told me the whole story pretty much, plus the show was great, and I recognized the driver from the tour as Hamilton and how funny would it be, how ironic to have me driven around by Hamilton.
  3. I also wondered why I was given a black driver. I don’t watch TV, I don’t listen to Hip Hop and I’m way behind the times. This explains it.
  4. No, i’m not racist, just a reality, I live in a narrow sphere
  5. Yes I do and the women
  6. I suspect you’ll sell more tickets if I reveal this…if that’s at all possible.
  7. I suspected my driver this AM was a rapper who wasn’t in the show, Im pretty sensitive to arrogance and when I’m being played, deceived or used. You BIG wanted to go home and relate the story of how I was deceived. You gave up too much information with your attitude and then the weight loss talk gave it away. I’ve slipped up and there’s a lot I miss but I also knew this was a set up and everything here is a set up, and there’s no randomness here.
  8. If I’m correct here, God bless, if I have a mistake my apologies

I have a question for Biggee


No, not angry , stunned but not angry…and I love it!!! Coolest thing ever!!!

NO not angry, no you must have wanted me to know

someone did photo of a beautiful lady online with you

kanye there?

listen I’m beat…quite a day

Not going to do anything other than write up my notes

good nite everyone….one kiss for all

thanks you suck too!


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