Q and A

Tell Ron thanks…I think the same of him

Go ahead

I had a great time

not too crazy about doing that

I won’t have a choice, or not much of a choice



that was good too

that was also nice


they were awesome

I saw her on the screen before


she was great in that


did he pay for the trip

ok, little weird but nice

at least once, maybe twice

maybe so

cool, i’ll have to watch it more carefully

No , i don’t like to spend i.e. waste other people’s money

i don’t think i typically do it

but I’m not spending it, other’s are

I make a lot of money as well

I don’t care, i’m pretty happy

no, not about them, they got set up but it was gds will



ok, seems to enjoy herself

they’re doing well

they’re fine

must there be an asshole edge to everything?

save it, she’s fine

Ok, I got to make some rice

sure bring her on





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