Ron and Cheryl Part 15: Karl Clews aka Ron Howard…this is big!

Ron did Super Chicken

Ron even gets spanked at about the 5 second mark…this is typical of a cameo/walk-on by the director like Hitchcock though I ¬†can’t recall in any of his films that Hitch plays “paatchy ¬†tushey” in any of his walk on scenes.

Not only did Ron do Tom Slick, writer, director, music and possibly produced, …he was Tom Slick!!!

Ron Howard aka Tom Slick

Ron did Stop That Pigeon

At this point I had to look for a credit for Ron…at least on the Flintsones, one of the greatest and most important cartoons on TV. It took me a while but this guy appears to fit the bill…Karl Clews. He’s on the credits, he’s young enough to have been Ron, photos may have been taken later since Ron would have been really young. He’s playing bass (Ron plays every instrument). He has deformities on hands…bingo, also problem in second picture with nose prosthetic. Hence Karl Clews is Ron Howard. Remember Ron is a mess of scars and repairs. When we look up credits for Karl Clews we’ll hit the mother load for cartoons and TV!

Karl Clews aka Ron Howard
Carl Clews highly suspect this is Ron…look at nose

I said “When we look up credits for Karl Clews we’ll hit the mother load for cartoons and TV!” It’s bigger than that!! He apparently teaches Bass on line. I will go out on a limb…I always start with a theory and say, “Any song Karl is instructing on how to play the bass was written by him and he’s just as likely as not to be in the band.” That’s the theory and I’m sure I’m right. Karl is a lynchpin persona which will lead me in a hundred to a thousand different directions. This is persona pay dirt!! The ultimate Yahtzee!!!!

FYI….I never heard of Karl Clews before and that’s the nature of this work. Even a blind man knows when the sun is shining!

For now I’ll sit back, smoke a ciggy and enjoy all of our good fortune!!!


oh…I don’t smoke but if I did that’s what I’d do!!!




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