Ron and Cheryl Part 16: Part 2 of Karl Clews aka Ron Howard

I know… how can this be Part 16 and Part 2… this is just the nature of living in duality so fug cough!

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees (solo bass arrangement) – Karl Clews on bass. Ron is Karl Clews, he’s Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and he’s John Travolta…we have a trifecta!! So far my theory is pure gold!!
Karl Clews aka Ron Howard doing the theme from Moonlighting, Ron is Bruce Willis and Ron wrote the theme song otherwise he would not be playing it for his website!!!

I swear I just creamed my pants!! We have struck Ron Howard Gold….It’s the gosh darn mother load!!!! The Ron Howard stuff is the mother load…well ok so is my creaming my pants.

Karl Clews aka Ron Howard doing theme from Mission Impossible.

I don’t know if he wrote the theme song. He probably did take over the movie series as Tom Cruise used to babysit for Bryce so Ron was probably grateful and let him be like Peter Graves.

Look at this!!!! My blog is writing writing itself!!!!!!!!  It’s a dream come true!!! I haven’t been this excited since they put soap in Brillo!!!! That was a biggee!!! (taken from the odd couple)

Karl Clews aka Ron Howard is in the band America…he’s the red headed guy, you try finding each guy Ron is from every band!

Karl Clews aka Ron Howard…OK what did Ron do with the Muppets?

Karl Clews aka Ron Howard….I don’t think Ron is Sam Smith but he would have written this song.

Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron is Don Johnson, Ron would have written this theme, need to check band
Carl Clews is Ron Howard…I have to check how Ron is related to the Pink Panther which has been around for a while
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron is a member of the Cars and would have written this song
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron is George Michael and wrote Careless Whisper because no one else could have
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron Howard was Jimi Hendrix, Ron wrote not only Purple Haze but Purple Rain as Prince
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, I have to research this hone
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron wrote the theme and was a writer on Flintstones…the greatest cartoon of all time!!! Ron did a pilot called Gazoo which was about me which killed!!! The second show bombed after I made an unpopular joke…quelle domage and quite a damage!
Carl Clews is Ron Howard, Ron must be the lead singer, been meaning to research this one

This is the only blog in the history of the world that not only writes itself but does it’s on research!!!!!!!! Blow me world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t been this excited since Ron had them break in and cart me away to a mental hospital!!! or was it when I had to spend a week in rape counseling? Maybe it was the times he tried to have me arrested????  One of the times he tried to have me arrested. I forget but I was pretty freaking excited!!!! Lady Gaga did try to save my ass during one of these…it was to no avail and I quote Ga’s screams,  “He’s not like us!!!!!! He’s not like us!!!!!” My ass still went down with the ship…I was only finally rescued by one of The Angels… actually from the clutches of another Angel!!!!!!!!!! (The original Charlie’s Angels). To add insult to injury Cheryl wanted to send me a bill for services rendered, I told her fine but she had to pay for my treatment at the rape counseling center…seemed fair to me.

“The things I do for love.” Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones…and me! Only the queen remains the same.




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