Ron Howard: Coin Collector

Ron Howard loves to collect things…all sorts of things…pretty much everything…including people I’m afraid…including me! He can claim ownership over pretty much anything he wants but apparently a lot of Hollywood types love to collect things. Lindsay Lohan may be one of the most notorious collectors. She had someone break into my office and go through my trash and steal a prop from one of my shows. (Ok, it was a rope but unless you saw the show you’d be hard pressed to figure what it was used for…I’ll give you a hint…it was used for tying something up. Now this went to arbitration because I took the rope away from the man who stole it. She claimed because it was in the trash it no longer belonged to me. I claimed that the man broke into my office and technically it was still mine because it was in the office and I owned everything there. I prevailed on that one.

Ron has an extensive coin collection but keeps ones that have special value to him in a separate coin drawer and some very valuable ones in a secured display case. Coin collecting is generally methodical but not necessarily and his special drawer holds coins of special interest to him either historically, like Lewis and Clark who he loves, or sentimental as gifts he’s received either personal or from visiting emissaries.

He may also give them as gifts. He appreciates them as works or art, representatives of history or pieces of high value. He has an extensive and huge collection which occupies a large piece of space in the museum though nowhere near as large as his \exploration of space section.

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