Ron’s A Righteous Man: Follow Up

The question has arisen for the last few days: “You and Ron have bumped heads and you have some issues with him that are longstanding and you’ve made no bones about. How are you able to attribute the quality of righteousness to him when you have thoughts and feelings which might not mesh with this? (Paraphrased)

  1. This is a declaration which is declared to be self evident which means that my thoughts and feelings on the matter should have limited impact.
  2. Despite #1 my thoughts and feelings do impact on this, in my mind on an overall balance with the world at stake Ron tops over the 50% mark which is enough to save the world. When talking about saving 100’s of millions of lives everything else becomes very small in context.
    {“I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.” —Richard Blane}
  3. “I’m saying this because it’s true” —Same

Had to play the final scene

Ron’s response: “Of all the basements in all the towns in all the world he had to teleport into mine!”

I’ll entertain questions as they arise


First Question’s Answer: I was called to Ron’s basement ┬áby the care of one person and the help of others, some things are unlikely to change and only time will tell but time is an ever shrinking quantity, but we’ll always have Paris. I cannot change who am and I’ll go to my dying days with my last two instructions and the prices paid to enjoy even the status quo.

I have but one goal here…just one…and the object of the mission is to stay on track. I’m a good soldier and I do what I’m told from the keeper of my last two instructions, which can never be released as they occurred in another time and place and there is no one with authority over me to release them. The authority lies with God, the Goddess and the Fates to fulfill the instructions or not. No man can fulfill them.

“Vous ne les laisserrez pas passer”

“I said what I meant and I meant what I said.”

Question 2: No my goal is not to piss off Ron. I’m answering questions and dealing with difficult issues. I was asked to express this arena so I stepped into another cauldron.

Question 3: Too minor to address, deals with money and not enough to make a big deal about since I’ve turned down $350,000,000 in the past.

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