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January 7, 2017     Which of these is not lamb!

Yes…this is definitely lamb!
Yes…this is also lamb! (Appears to be a cross section of a spinous process of a lamb with the spinal cord looking like it has on a pair of Harry Potter eye wear. It looks a bit older than lamb and closer to mutton; but it’s still considered lamb because no one in this country has an appetite for mutton, not even Lena Heady’s dad Tywin. How did I know the age? By cutting it in half and counting it’s rings. You could also count the dots on it’s back.)
Arya Stark portrayed by Maisie Williams and Tywin Lannnister (Charles Dance) and some mutton on the table from Game of Thrones.
Still Lamb
Lion with Lamb (lamb is on the lower level… next to hardwares
This is also lamb!

Above is rated PG-17 for use of the words “This is a Motherfather invitation”. I’m sure I could sing like this but not for more that 40 seconds. (The video is very funny and worth five minutes to watch but not with the kids!)

Irish Stew (still lamb!) 239 beans located on the bottom of the pot. BTW… why are there only 239 beans in an Irish Stew? …. “Becuz….ef therr werrre one morrre it twood bee tooo faahrty!”
This is also Lamb! Oona Laurence in the film “Lamb”

Answer to today’s question… Which of these is not Lamb?  None of them are not lamb! That’s right and when we eliminate the double negative we find that they are all in fact Lamb!!! Thanks to our only winners today…  Mel Gibson and my mom, Alice, who once again looked over my shoulder while I did this post and entered under an assumed name!

This is Russian Lamb

In the film, Lamb, Oona Laurence recreates her work in Penny Dreadful (though I never saw the film  I have to believe this is so) by slapping a penny on parts of her body that make her look like an Asian Indian doing the Vulcan Mind Meld.

Ha Ha Just kidding!

By jamming a coin on her head Oona does a shout-out to Joey Nichols (Hy Ansel) in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”…Just think Joey Five Cents!  Here young Alvy is played by Jonathan Munk. Both he and his brother, Robert Munk, played a young Woody Allen. Jonathan in Annie Hall (1977) and Robert in Stardust Memories(1980). Jonathan and Robert have exactly one screen credit each to their names as they quickly aged out of roles as Woody Allen’s body double and had to use CGI’s of Opi Cunningham.

Oona Laurence and Ross Partidge  (who also directs) are in the film “Lamb”. In this film Ross Partridge recreates his role as Mel Gibson and attempts to conduct himself in a manner even more offensive than say, well… Mel Gibson! Mel was quoted as saying, “I had to find something more awful to do to smoke screen what I had said about the Jews. Those Jews are tough customers and while you can kill them off they’ll come back later and make you feel guilty about it!” He also said, “To soften the fact that I kidnap, brainwash, and generally screw the mind of this young girl because we’re not in France and therefore can’t go full Polanski on anyone. In the meantime I engage in sins of the flesh with my older and much more appropriate girlfriend who I find much less interesting despite the fact that she’s age appropriate, hot, beautiful and willing. Anyway, to soften all that I had the guy from Jurassic Park play in the film as a neighbor who’s really well liked because he knows how to defeat velocoraptors. Come to think of it though… he should have told the Game Warden how to defeat them. And you know what?  He also cut his wife’s finger off and allowed her to become a bit of a piano slut.” “You know Neil may have been, “not too redeeming a figure.” “Oh wait!!!! He also got Elle, Kate, Portia, Pamela and Tara nekked for most of a film by painting  them in the altogether which wasn’t in the original script!!! Yes a brilliant choice… brilliant… on my part!” reiterated Mel.
Sirens : Cinema Quad Movie Poster

Speaking of painting women… if this or any other woman shows up at your door dressed only in liquid latex body paint… 

Just let them know it’s perfectly safe and harmless… once it’s dry… not so much while it’s still drying as the latex will penetrate the skin while in liquid form and repeated applications may cause Systemic Latex Toxicity, the coating of blood vessels and major organs with latex and may lead to liver failure and require dialysis or a new liver. But don’t take my word for it… try it yourself. Also, when she does come over coated in latex you don’t have to lie and tell her it’s harmful even once it’s dry… she probably came over to  have you peel it off anyway.

Meanwhile back at the ranch… people are asking…

Are we allowed to laugh at this?
whereas Perry Mason weighed in… hahahahaha weighed in!!!… and said no, you’re not allowed to laugh at this, and to ignore Mel Brooks, the other Mel weighed in… and said…
“Me and Max Factor say it’s OK”
Yes it’s fine…just quit while you’re a head!







Me and Bobby McGee star Janis Joplin could not be reached to comment…

 …but based on her loose fitting clothes probably would have agreed

Pink said, “WTF… let the F in B post whatever the hell she wants… he agreed …he had two.

The first fight then broke out…


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