Thank you again!

Once again I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who showed up Saturday night. The band was great as always though I still miss Ron who has an amazing voice and everyone else from Peaky Blinds, Game of Thrones, Pawn, and my waitress who has followed me from FLA, to Voorhees, to Asbury Park. She’s really tiny but exquisite.

My humblest apologies if I did not recognize you. I think we picked up a bunch of people this time, I was a bit more prepared. I believe Broderick Crawford was there yikes, Judi Dench omg, one or two sand snakes one of whom I believe were in the new star wars film and did a terrific job and is probably Maisie’s sister, Tommy’s sister at my table with a Sand Snake, one of the kids from Peaky Blinders at the door (I had to remind myself I only saw one season and that would have been 4 years ago and he growed up, I think a couple Basket Ball coaches (we had a big victory with the dept and we became well respected), at least two of my patients both looked great, one quit smoking (he was kind of a pain but it was good seeing him) and the other lost a lot of weight and I was really taken by the fact she was there, she’s a tremendous spirit and I was honored she was there), a couple of my favorite Pawn stars…nice and nasty, a gal from a 70’s or 80’s sitcom (I’m working on it), Iddo, annabelle Wallis, possibly either Kim Bassinger or Christie Brinkley (take one or both for all I care) it was some gorgeous blonde, Freddie Thorne, possibly Tony Pitts, Lobo Chan at the bar in the hotel, super place one woman said she knew who I was and wanted to know why I was there…psychically, Billy Kimber, ¬†sophie Rundle at my table. Sorry for the blondes at the next table who I didn’t recognize.

Here’s where I’m always left sad, I try desperately to ID everyone I can, I also know you all have lives and take time out to come do this. I’m extremely honored that you do this. I’m saddened when I can’t ID the person but I had new glasses on so I did better. I also know people don’t leave until they are ID’ed, sorry for that and thank you for coming.

Again, the band is beyond expectation.

When I was doing my early work and people like Amy, Elvis and Freddie came up on my radar I knew somewhere in this world there was a place where the greatest singers of all time held concerts for special groups, for close friends, and I so badly wanted to go to one, not just etherically so this is a wish come true.

Forgive me if I missed you and thanks to everyone once again.


FYI: The new Star Wars film was delicious!!!



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