Thanks Again!

  1. Thanks again to everyone for a great week and…
  2. I am again truly sorry if I missed or offended anyone.
  3. Best Uber drivers ever!! Never saw a smarter group of drivers!!
  4. Loved the museum, especially the exhibit put together really quickly and I spotted some of the people in the exhibit in the museum as well as from todays movie, “Downsizing” with Matt Damon. I saw Matt last night but didn’t recognize him even though we locked eyes, I think with the bald head he looked kind of thuggish!
  5. Dozens of actors over two days including in the museum where some beautiful model/actress was in a few photographs and she looked like some spectacular international supermodel.
  6. Funny when a couple in there sixties rushed off an elevator in the museum and saw me just standing right there! They calmed down and started laughing. It was pretty funny.
  7. I spotted actress Hong Chau outside the museum which was a real treat! She was super with Matt Damon in the film!!
  8. Again, I did spot dozens of people, even from a trailer of a film I saw at the special effects show at Universal.
  9. The guy who got some chicken at end of Downsizing I managed not to give a few bucks to though I think I spotted Florida from Good Times, I’m guessing the whole cast was there.
  10. Very challenging week, and a lot of fun, and not so much fun but hey got to take the good with the bad.
  11. I’ll repeat thank you to everyone especially Ron who I suspect directed this week. Thank you again!!
  12. Humblest apologies if I totally missed you and apologies if I spotted you but didn’t piece it all together. I think I’m doing better with this.
  13. Night all!!!!

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