The Howards Part 20: 1984 New York City Subway shooting

Most fraudulent scenarios these days are all about gun control. We discussed Columbine which involved Trey Parker and Matt Sone as the shooters; a fake scenario as was: Sandy Hook Hoax, Trayvon Martin Hoax, The Dunblane School Massacre Hoax, Aurora Colorado Shooting Hoax, The Kent State Shooting Hoax, Son of Sam Hoax. Almost always about gun control though not Kent State, I believe that was to delay the war ending for financial reasons.

The problem is you sit at home and cower, won’t go to the mall, or anywhere else because of fear you’ll be shot.  Everyone should own a gun. Ron tells me this group is pro-gun control. Guns are a deterrent to violence. There are many less owner at home break-ins because criminals don’t want to come into a house where an owner might be armed. WD-40 took out of the game millions of people…by his own admission to me. His last words to me were, “I should have finished you when I had the chance.” He perished less than a minute later along with roughly a thousand of his downline. He hadn’t changed his evil ways. Gun ownership is a deterrent to a govt out of control destroying the masses. Farid had military along the southern border about to destroy 2/3 of the US at the Battle of Jade Helm which turned out to be the most lopsided battle known to man. People in the Southern States would have put up a fight but would have lost because of the weapons of mass destruction which were destroyed in the first hour of the battle.

I was expecting to be picked up one evening many moons ago by a very handsome gentleman coming in to McQuire AF Base in NJ. The gentleman was met at the airport by the Fibbers. He was instructed that under no circumstance would I be allowed to leave the country and that…and I quote…”WE KNOW WHO ALL YOUR PEOPLE ARE.” end quote. The gentleman kept his cool, got into a limo and headed out. In the nearby woods were two or three Fibbers masquerading as hunters in the woods with hunting and sniper rifles. Lots of cigarette butts littered the ground. The gentleman never picked me up as it was decided that someone with this poor type of relationship with Fibbers would have a hard time working with them. He said there were other ways to get out of the country but including Canada and PA. Before getting on the plane he picked up a nice music box for his darling main squeeze who is also my Fairy Godmother.

Here’s a faked scenario I actually like with a link below:

1984 New York City Subway shooting:

Bernhard Goetz shot 4 muggers on a train three days before xmas. I suspect there was a plethora of violence on the subways and they set up a guy to “shoot” 4 muggers…This is Bernhard Goetz…he’s Ron Howard.

Bernhard Goetz aka Ron Howard

The other people in the photo are actors and I can only guess at them and the middle guy looks like Norman Fell, I’m not saying he is and the guy on right could pass for Tom Cruise, and I’m not saying he is. I have one in the next slide who I’m pretty sure I’m right on…

Bernhard Goetz in cuffs aka Ron Howard

I’ll go out on a limb and say the guy on the left is George Wendt, but I could be wrong.

This picture will most assure us this is a fraudulent scenario…The officer on the left has a face mask on. best visible at base of neck and around ears. If this were real why would he need a mask? We have one ear on him and it resembles that of George Lucas. I’m not saying it’s him but that’s what I can piece together.

The shooting cooled down the thugs who ride the trains, usually on New Years Eve it’s free to ride the trains. It also gets dangerous because anyone can get on and cause mischief. I’m guessing crime was greatly reduced by Goetz aka Ron Howard.

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