The Kiikmeister General Presents: What about Ron…more stuff you may or may not have known about him!

Ron wrote Harper Valley PTA

Ron wrote “Ode to Billy Joe” (basically the same song as Harper Valley PTA)
Anything with Choctaw in is probably related to Ron…here’s his daughter doing “Choctaw County Affair” I had to remove this video from my computer because Carrie is so hot it melted most of it.

Ron wrote Hurricane and performed it as Bob Dylan
Forgive any duplicates: Not only did Ron write and perform this he was Tom Slick.

This is what happens when I’m kept out of the loop!


1962 Tareyton Cigarettes Ad "Hungry for flavor"

1962 Tareyton Cigarettes Ad “Hungry for flavor”

I believe Ron was involved with the Jingle, Hungry for Flavor

Ron wrote the Jingle, “I would let anyone dance in my shoes”…100% pure Ron

Ron performed, but did not write.

That’s it guys…I literally have a hundred more give or take, but it’s time for the Crown!

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