The Second Clone Day

Something really good was going on Friday night with the extended Howard family of which I am a part of with some minor limitations (kind of like Moses relationship with the promised land). I’m not typically invited though I sometimes crash the party. Everyone was really joyous in ways I’ve not seen before. Sometimes it’s too much effort to figure out what’s going on. Sometimes they have machines that block my capabilities. Sometimes everyone just guards their thoughts like a three year old guarding his only salty pretzel. It was nice to see such joy but in part and I knew in some way I was being honored but I’m jaded to a place where it’s not what I’m there for. I have things to do and there was nothing for me to do that day…so I went home.

Saturday night went over some friend’s house and was lucky enough to get sick while playing the world’s dumbest dice game. I tried to explain the rules to craps but no one could grasp them especially with the Abbott and Costello references to Box Cars and Big Benny. I left the table and went to lie down and saw there was what I thought was another Clone Auction going on. I don’t think there was an auction but more babies were being distributed. Somewhere between 78 and 87 (I’m getting 2 different numbers for this). Most of these were not clones but instead my DNA fused with another woman’s. Some people had two babies on their laps: one might have been a clone and an in-vitro or both might have been in vitro or both might have been clones. From what I can tell Ivy Snitzer had a playpen full of them and she was baby sitting them which she’s taken to doing which is just perfect for her. She cried the whole time with joy as she does often. She’s a lady who fills with powerful emotion. Ivy has been informally called my girlfriend.

My “really close friend” had a second girl with me which made me joyous and her daughter, my other, “really close friend” had a girl to add to her son. Her sister who I’m very close with had two children both boys with her DNA, her mom had two children, and a gentleman who I’m friendly with and his wife had a boy and a girl. Incidentally, I found a “Tom Cruise” in his back yard. That stands for a Tomahawk Cruise Missile. If anyone is going to have one of those in his backyard it’s him and I’m sure he knows how to use it.  He was annoyed that when I posted it on Facebook, not because I posted it but because I blacked out the swimming pool on his property which was really beautiful so no one could ID the property but he was annoyed because he wanted people to see it.

As they did last time they all went to Disney World and went on It’s a Small World for the world’s first All Clone or In-Vitro ride and then photo’s were taken.

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