What else has RonJon done? A Kiki Exclusive!

Ron Howard did Sons of Hercules TV Show

He wrote Blue Collar Man probably performed it too!

Ron had something to do with Jamaica Farewell, great song, don’t know what though…

Ron Howard did this commercial

Ron wrote and probably performed Band on the Run by Wings…who else could have?!
Ron wrote the theme song to Hulk the cartoon

Ron wrote probably performed Rose of Cimarron by the band Poco
Ron wrote and or performed Let it Ride by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Ron did something with this…Rawhide theme!
Ron wrote Don’t sleep in the Subway done by Petula Clark
Ron wrote the theme to the Munsters song
Ron wrote and or performed Love Stinks, J. Geils Band
Ron wrote/performed Lawman for Jefferson Airplane…what a great album!! off Bark
Ron wrote/performed Rock the Boat by the Hues Corporation
Howard aka Eric Clapton’s wrote and performed After Midnight
Ron wrote and/or performed Rock Lobster by the B52s

ok…battery is out…nite all…thanks Ronzoni for not shutting me down…this was your reward…next time you’ll get double!!

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